This is the website for a father and adult son’s journey on Tennessee’s Cumberland Trail. The two of us have finished hiking and have writtren a book titled Wildly Strolling Along: Father-Son Nature Adventures on Tennessee’s Cumberland Trail. You can follow us on Facebook, or Twitter. You can also purchase a copy which will be available at the link below.

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Well that’s just great, but what is the Cumberland Trail?

The Cumberland Trail (or CT) runs from north to south along Tennessee’s Cumberland Plateau. Don’t let the word “plateau” fool you. The trail goes into rugged gorges and up mountains. Erosion made the plateau what it is today. Geologists still call it a plateau in the same way that one might call a piece of paper with tears in it a piece of paper.

Parts of the trail are still under construction. When finished, the Cumberland Trail will run from Signal Mountain near Chattanooga to Tristate Point near Kentucky and Virginia.

Cumberland Gap, near Tristate Point, the trail’s northern end.

Eventually, the trail will be part of the Great Eastern Trail, which will run from New York to Alabama and give hikers an alternative to the Appalachian Trail.

The trail passes through landmarks of great natural beauty, ranging from the majestic jagged rocks of Devil’s Racetrack, to the roaring waters of Imodium Falls.

Imodium Falls. Spectacular place, even if it is unfortunately named.

The trail also runs past sites recovering from logging and old strip mines, giving a glimpse into  both Tennessee’s past and its present environmental concerns. Ben and Larry’s book will discuss both natural and human history.

Okay, so who are Ben and Larry?

Ben Pounds is a 2010 graduate with a major in Creative Writing who loves traveling and adventure. Dr. Larry Pounds is his 67-year-old Dad, an expert on Tennessee’s rare and endangered plants. Here’s a bit more about them.

If people have not finished building the trail yet, then what did Ben and Larry hike?

We hiked the parts that were already built. In some places we camped in the woods. In other places we stayed in towns. This website and the upcoming book will cover both the trail and the towns.

Caryville, one of our stay-towns.

How can we contact you?

Our e-mail address for this project is incumberland@aol.com. We always love getting help with information about the Cumberland Trail, the area’s history, and the ecosystem around it. We’re happy to do guest posts on other blogs. If you want to advertise with us, please give us an e-mail and we can set you up.